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GROOMSOURCE combines the flexibility of online learning with the ease of a monthly subscription and the convenience of an app! All you have to do is sign up once and you will have access to weekly content from industry leaders that will include full length demos, focused lessons, product knowledge and valuable topical lessons about grooming, business, the industry and more. You will also find our growing library of videos and reference photos to access at any time for as long as you are a member. All of our videos are done with multiple camera angles so that you will get the most out of every lesson and feel like it was presented just for you!

Our presenters include Blake Hernandez, Cat Opson, Elizabeth Gibbs, Madeline Rothwell, Macie Pisa, Valerie Partynski, Heather Rooze, Helen Schaefer, Jovi Wagner, Cindy Oliver, and the list will continue to grow.  Our goal is to give you the MOST variety and the MOST professional education... all at the MOST affordable price! For only $39/month you'll have access to the full library plus new content every week! You cannot find that kind of variety at that price anywhere else!


"I just don't like to sign up for monthly things..."

If this is you, we have the solution!  We offer the GROOMsource Rental Library where all of the videos posted in our subscription are available for 5 days of unlimited streaming.  The library will be updated weekly as content is released in the subscription, giving you the option to pick and choose what you want to watch with no monthly sign up!

Your subscription will give you weekly content including: 

  • Professional grooming demos from top groomers in the industry

  • Reference photo library by breed

  • Live Q&A's with grooming teachers and professionals

  • Health & safety education

  • Business education by Joey Villani

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Groomer's Best Friend

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Learn when & where you want!


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